#SharkSwim: July 2023 Recap

Hold on to your fins, it’s time for another AdShark monthly recap! Welcome back to another #SharkSwim monthly recap, where we go over this past month’s birthdays, anniversaries, company milestones, achievements, company events, and more.

Birthdays + Anniversaries!

From left to right: Evan Engler, Kylee Larson
From left to right: Evan Engler, Kylee Larson

This month, we had two anniversaries and one birthday to celebrate! To kick things off, we celebrate Digital Marketing Strategist Kylee Larson‘s birthday AND workiversary in the same week! Since Kylee joined the AdShark team, she’s brought both her expertise in digital advertising and her hilarious sense of humor to the team. We appreciate you, Kylee!

Later in the month, we also got to celebrate Digital Marketing Strategist Evan Engler‘s 2nd workiversary! Evan joined the team in July of 2021 and our company and clients are better because of it. Aside from being an expert strategist, he’s also really great to work with! Thank you for all you do, Evan!

AdShark Week!

Collage of photos from AdShark Marketing's AdShark Week

Why do sharks always know the hottest summer spots? They’re fin-fluencers!

It turns out Fargo was the hottest spot to be this past month, and not just because of the weather! This July, AdShark celebrated the 7th annual AdShark Week! In a week filled with treasure hunts, visits from puppies, fun social media content, and daily giveaways, it’s fair to say that AdShark Week was a big success! Thank you to everyone that participated in our festivities! To read more about AdShark Week, check out our recap blog here.


Rick Berg, Sean Maki, and Whitney Jensen from AdShark sit on the Heat Transfer Warehouse marketing panel

This past month, Heat Transfer Warehouse hosted WALAPalooza, an event for influencers and vendors to meet, communicate, and collaborate. In fact, AdShark co-founders Rick Berg and Sean Maki and Digital Marketing Manager Whitney Jensen took part in a marketing panel during the event. Here are a few shots of them droppin’ some knowledge!

Chamber Golf Outing!

The adshark team participating in the annual Chamber Golf Outing
From left to right: Gavin Longthorne, Rick Berg, Jack Yakowicz, Evan Engler

What do you call a shark at a golf course? A water hazard!

We spent plenty of time in the water hazards this past month at the 2023 Chamber Golf Outing hosted by the FMWF Chamber of Commerce! Big thank you to the chamber for putting this event on! While we didn’t walk away with the best score, we certainly felt like winners for getting out in the sunshine for a day!

Donuts from Sandy’s!

From left to right: Kylee Larson, Nick Loock, Bri Lee
From left to right: Kylee Larson, Nick Loock, Bri Lee

What’s a shark’s favorite kind of donut? Jellyfish filled!

Our favorite donuts happen to be shark-themed! In the spirit of Discovery’s annual Shark Week, our favorite local donut shop, Sandy’s Donuts, posted about the “Shark Week Donuts” and we couldn’t resist. Thank you Sandy’s for the tasty treats!

Creative Feature: Norsk Hostfest

This month's creative feature is for a recent campaign we made for Norsk Hostfest, North America's largest Scandanavian Festival.

This month’s creative feature is for a recent campaign we made for Norsk Hostfest, North America’s largest Scandanavian Festival. Take it away, Bri!

You could throw the best party in the history of humankind, but if no one knows about it, does it even count? Though Norsk Hostfest is North America’s largest Scandinavian festival, as well as on-going for over 44 years, the importance of getting the word out  prior to the event is still as crucial as ever when it comes to generating leads, ticket sales and overall brand awareness. With all this in mind, our goal with these ads was to design and produce a great event identity matched with the right blend of imagery from past years, copy that entices newcomers and return attendees alike, and highlighting the multitude of entertainment, dining and shopping options available. We also made sure to use Scandinavian related colors and a subtle rosemaling pattern in the background to really hone in and celebrate the culture aspect that Norsk Hostfest represents.

Bri Lee, Senior Creative Designer

Thanks, Bri!

The Shark Wave Channel for July 2023

As the Summer got hotter, so did our platlists! Check out the #SharkWave playlist for July 2023:

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