Social Media Advertising

Reach your audience. Stop them from scrolling. Oftentimes referred to as “paid social,” these ads are a tremendous way to generate interest in your product or service with both new & returning audiences.

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Trust the Social Strategy Experts

Our team has worked with hundreds of businesses to generate interest for their products and services. Regardless of channel, your paid social media efforts require a strategic approach to allow for growth. That approach centers on the following:

Audience Segmentation

Audience Segmentation

Do you talk to your family the same way you talk to strangers? Of course not. So, why are you relaying the same message to everyone who views your ad?

Creative Drives Action

Creative That Drives Action

Your ad design should stop prospective customers from scrolling, and prompt them to engage with an ad, visit your website, or make a purchase.

Data Backed

Data-Backed Optimizations

What’s the point of numbers if we’re not learning from them? We track your data, report on it, and make proactive recommendations to boost your results.

Our Social Media Advertising Process




We conduct research, get to know your brand and your products, and develop creative concepts to hit the ground running.




Our in-house creative team produces ad designs, while our strategists set up tracking & structure your account.




We don’t set it and forget it. Our team actively monitors data & makes tweaks to campaign settings and creative to boost your results.

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Meta Ads

Facebook & Instagram

With over 3 billion daily active users on Meta’s platforms, you have plenty of potential to reach your target audience. But getting your message heard through the noise? A bigger challenge. Lean on the Shark-like expertise of our digital and creative strategists for your FB & IG ads.

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TikTok Ads

The world’s fastest-growing social media platform is primed & ready to receive your brand’s messaging. Unsure how to devise a strategy that sticks? Trust our team of experts to guide you through the development of ads that drive engagement and increased ROAS.

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LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn’s advertising platform is a goldmine for B2B lead generation. Explore the benefits of job-based targeting, direct message advertising, and more - and utilize the expertise of our Sharks to increase your performance.

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Pinterest Ads

Pinterest usership has grown by 37% in the past year. If you’re a D2C business that’s looking for a new way to reach your target audience - you’re going to want to pin this. Chat with our team and find out how we can help scale your business through Pinterest advertising.

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YouTube Ads

YouTube’s advertising platform boasts affordable CPMs and advanced audience targeting for your video ads. YouTube is also a constantly growing social platform with major brand-building potential. Let us help you get rolling (and pre-rolling) with our YouTube Ad services.

Ready to Grow?

Get your feet wet & swim with the Sharks! Whether you’re looking to test the waters with a single paid social platform to begin, or want to dive into the deep end: we’re here for you.

Our team would be honored to provide a free personalized strategy for your social media advertising.