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Expand Your Brand Awareness With Pre-Roll Ads

YouTube advertising, run through Google’s advertising platform, is a great way to draw the attention of video viewers on YouTube - which includes 75% of adults in the U.S. Ready to start reaching your customers with your video content?

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Why YouTube Ads?

If you’re in the business of increasing top-of-funnel awareness: YouTube is your spot. YouTube has low daily spend minimums, includes numerous targeting options, and is one of the most affordable streaming platforms out. Here’s why you should start advertising on YouTube:

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Several Ad Types To Test

Skippable in-stream ad. Non-skippable in-stream ads. Video discovery ads. Bumper ads. Outstream ads. Masthead ads. There is an ad type for every brand, and AdShark is here to help you select which is best for yours.

Ad Eligable Users

Cost-Effective Way to Increase Brand Awareness

YouTube ads that we run for clients enjoy CPMs as low as $10. This means your ad can be viewed 1,000 times for $10. Try competing with that, cable or connected TV!

Advanced Targeting

Advanced Video Targeting Capabilities

You can have your YouTube ads serve to individuals based on demographics (location, age, gender, geo), interest topics, life events, and more. You can also have your video ads show for those watching specific channels or videos!

How We Do YouTube Ads

Discovery Session

Discovery Session

Every client engagement begins with a discovery session. We’d call it a “kick off,” but that would undermine the amount of research & strategy development that takes place as a result of these meetings. We introduce you to our team, we learn about your products or services, and we ask leading questions that help us get a better gauge of your business and our opening strategy. We can also utilize this time to discuss account access and asset needs - all the fun stuff!

Account & Campaign Setup

Account & Campaign Setup

Whether you have a Google Ads account, a YouTube account, both, or nothing at all: we’re here to help! Our team has a wealth of experience helping clients get their YouTube ads up and running. We’ll also walk you through our recommended targeting strategies, campaign objectives, and ad types to ensure that we’re being great stewards of your advertising spend.

Creative Discussion

Creative Discussion

Already have a video? Great! We’ll audit it to see how it will perform for YouTube. We have a team of video editors who can jump in and make edits to optimize it for the ad type OR we can shoot new video on your behalf. Our team is happy to collaborate with you on your video creative, and make sure that you are set up with the best chance for success on YouTube advertising.

Tracking Implementation

Tracking Implementation

Though clicks are secondary in the world of YouTube, we still like to start tracking all that we can. We work with you to get access to both your YouTube and Google Analytics, and implement tracking so you can better understand how things are performing with your campaigns.

Reporting & Insights

Reporting & Insights

You will have access to a 24/7, live dashboard that shows you the key metrics that matter most - engagement rates, video views, impressions, reach, clicks, and more. In addition, we will meet with you on a recurring cadence to share our insights based on the data that we’re seeing. This will help you have a better understanding of how your campaigns are performing, and where potential opportunities for improvement exist.

Proactive Improvements

Proactive Improvements

We don’t just set it and forget it. Our team lives inside of your ad campaign, making routine changes to targeting settings, ad types, budget allocation, and more to help make sure that we are aligning with your goals and objectives. Don’t expect to have to babysit these strategists – instead, we’ll report back to you what we’re seeing, and what we would recommend changing based on the data. We hope to deliver the most proactive agency experience yet.

Grow, Grow, Grow

Grow, Grow, Grow

In our world, it’s all about scale. We want to ensure that your advertising campaigns are helping to boost your brand’s growth, and will guide you through opportunities to increase scope. Even with top-of-funnel marketing mediums like YouTube, there are opportunities to see significant brand and business growth. That means more views, more web visitors, more revenue, and more reasons to fall in love with your new agency.

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People Tend To Ask

In short: almost everybody. Longer: 82% of US males are on YouTube and 80% of US females are on YouTube. The largest age percentage is 15-35 year-olds, followed by 36-45. Though YouTube may seem to skew a bit younger, 1 in 3 baby boomers reference going on to YouTube to learn more about a product or service.

The two most common types are skippable and non-skippable in-stream ads. These are ads that play before a selected video can be watched. As you may guess, the only difference is that skippable ads can be skipped after 5 seconds, whereas non-skippable ads can be up to 15 seconds in length, and can’t be skipped. In addition, there are video discovery ads (thumbnail images from your video that appear on YouTube search results), bumper ads (7 second or shorter ads that play before, during, or after videos), outstream ads (mobile-only ads that are available on websites running on Google video partners), and masthead ads (available through Google sales reps).

There are three main groups of metrics that can be reported on: performance metrics, reach and frequency metrics, and more metrics. Performance metrics are views, view rate, average cost per view, clicks, clickthrough rate, engagement rate, and more. Reach & frequency metrics will tell you unique users, unique viewers, avg. impression frequency per user, etc. Finally, you can also explore more metrics like earned views, earned subscribers, earned likes, etc.

Ultimately, we love a chance to develop unique strategies that make sense for unique businesses. But as a whole, there are some best practices that we spot across client accounts. Those include: (a) using high-quality video content, (b) layering in both skippable and nonskippable ads to test, (c) testing in a variety of placement and demographic targeting methods, and (d) making sure to prioritize metrics like views and view rate over clicks and conversion.

It has to be the video of the little girl standing in front of a bunch of geese saying “look at all those chickens.”

Ready to Grow?

Get your feet wet & swim with the Sharks! Whether you’re looking to test the waters with a single paid social platform to begin, or want to dive into the deep end: we’re here for you.

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