Search Advertising (PPC)

Capture  buyers at the moment they’re searching for businesses like yours.

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Drive Qualified Traffic.
Get Them to Convert.

SEM, PPC, Paid Search. We’ve heard it referenced many things. No matter what you call it, search advertising requires strong strategy and routine optimizations.

Since 2013, we’ve been helping our clients grow their return on ad spend and lower their cost per acquisition through search channels. Google and Bing want to spend your money. We want to make sure they do so strategically. Our approach involves:

Strategic Account Structure

Strategic Account Structuring

Choosing campaign types and bidding styles can be a guessing game for some. Not for us. We lean on our expertise & best practices in account structuring every time.

Machine Learning

Leveraging Machine Learning

There’s no denying the power of AI. In fact, a bot wrote this sentence. We help to implement responsive campaigns, ROAS targets, and more to leverage automation.

Performance Based

Performance-Based Changes

We don’t set it and forget it. Our team reallocates budgets, modifies bidding strategies, and finds continuous opportunities for improvement based on the data we monitor.

Our Search Advertising Process




We conduct keyword & industry research in an effort to identify our best opportunities for success with each & every client.




Our strategists build out campaigns, set up tracking & reporting, write ads, and get you ready for campaign launch.




We aim to be the most proactive agency you’ve ever worked with. Our team analyzes data to make meaningful changes.

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Google Ads

There are over 8.5 billion searches taking place every day on Google. How many are looking for products or services that your brand offers? As Google Premier Partners, our team of hungry Sharks have the background expertise to grow your success on Google - deploying a mix of Search, Display, Shopping, & Video strategies to reach your next customers and re-engage your past ones.

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Bing (Microsoft) Ads

While many look past Bing, we’ve experienced up to 80% lower advertising costs for several clients through Bing. The lesson? There can be beauty in delivering ads in overlooked places. For brands looking for a less-competitive bidding environment, in industries where Bing searches are still prevalent, this can be a great marketing medium to explore.

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Ready to Grow?

Get your feet wet & swim with the Sharks! Whether you’re looking to test the waters with a single paid social platform to begin, or want to dive into the deep end: we’re here for you.

Our team would be honored to provide a free personalized strategy for your social media advertising.