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Your website = your first impression. What impression are you leaving?

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Track. Report. Analyze. Optimize.

AdShark’s roots are in the digital advertising world, where we’ve been running PPC and Paid Social campaigns for over 10 years. When we got sick of sending people to poor-performing websites, we decided it was time for us to start designing & developing websites of our own. Now, we’ve created over 100 lead gen & eCommerce websites for our clientele. You have several web companies to choose from.

Here’s why you should consider AdShark for your next project:


We’re Efficient

Building 100+ websites has taught us a thing or two about staying on task. We move quickly, we respond quickly, and customers can start finding your business quickly.

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We Prioritize Your Growth

Our days in the PPC world have taught us how to scale businesses. We perfectly blend great design with functionality, and prioritize content that converts qualified traffic into customers.


We Give You The Keys

We don’t gate-keep login info or fail to provide training. Our goal is to get you a functional site you know how to use, so you don’t have to waste excess $$ on lofty support plans with no ROI.

Our Web Design & Development Process




We sit down and conduct a strategy session with your team to help build our sitemap, develop design decisions, and prioritize content.



Design & Development

We provide design mockups and collaborate with your team to make changes. Once design is approved, we begin the development of your website.




We make sure all redirects are in place, SEO has been accounted for, conversion points are firing, and your site is equipped for its first visitors. We also provide free support hours in the weeks following launch.

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Lead Gen Websites

Skilled in custom WordPress Design & Development

Replatform your website or start from scratch. Our team has had the pleasure of developing lead gen websites for several clients across a multitude of industries. We will handle every part of the process - from strategy and planning to design and development. We’ll also ensure that your site is designed with conversion rate optimization in mind, so it helps to generate more leads (calls, form fills, etc.) for your sales team.

eCommerce Websites

Skilled in custom Bigcommerce & Shopify Design & Development

Grow your online sales efforts with a new eCommerce site. For most eCommerce companies, their online storefront is their lifeblood. It’s imperative when rebuilding an eCommerce website that you mitigate any loss in sales. We’ve helped eCommerce clients of all shapes and sizes grow their customer base through thoughtful planning, design, and development of their new storefront.

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Other Web Services

Web Hosting

We offer the most pain-free web hosting you’ve ever experienced. Trust us, we’ve heard a lot about the pains of working with our competitors. Our hosting plans for lead gen clients involve daily backups and free SSLs. We can also tie in support plans - but only if it makes sense for our clients (and we’ll be honest about what does and what does not make sense). Save money & host with confidence at AdShark.

Web Consulting & Landing Pages

Whether you’re looking to make basic page updates or work through complex product feed solutions, we’re your team. Our group of strategists and web pros are happy to work with you on your next web project, in a scalable fashion. We can conduct an audit, provide guidance, or implement the changes on your behalf. With a full team of designers, developers, and content writers - we’ve got your back.

Recent Web Projects

Check out some of the latest & greatest websites that we’ve designed and developed for our valued clients.


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Ready to Grow?

Get your feet wet & swim with the Sharks! Whether you’re looking to test the waters with a single paid social platform to begin, or want to dive into the deep end: we’re here for you.

Our team would be honored to provide a free personalized strategy for your social media advertising.