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Maximize Your Return on Investment with Google

Google Ads can be a powerhouse for increasing your sales and leads. But limited time and knowledge of the platform can lead to wasted spend and inconsistent strategy. Our team not only manages your Google Ad campaigns, but helps guide all parts of the strategy, reporting, and optimization efforts.

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Why Google Ads?

It’s no secret how important Google is to our everyday use on the internet. Data suggests almost 100,000 searches per second are occurring on Google - and if your brand isn’t leveraging this searching audience, you may be at a loss. Here’s why you should start building your Google Ads strategy:


Searchers Have High Purchase Intent

While other ad platforms allow you to generate interest, Google Ads helps you harvest that interest. We already know people are searching for your product or service - now we just need to get them to your site! 65% of people click on ads when they’re looking to make a purchase.


Numerous Placements to Choose From

While Google is most known for their Search Ads, you can also run Display Ads (banners on websites and apps), Shopping Ads (product listings on search engine results pages), Video Ads (videos run on YouTube), and more. There are placements for every objective.

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Strong Use Across Every Demographic

With over 1 trillion searches taking place every year, it’s no surprise to hear that almost everyone is using Google. Google owns a search engine market share of over 80% and has strong, daily use across virtually every age, gender, and interest. It’s a great solution for all businesses.

A Google Premier Partner

We had our eyes trained on Google Ads from the very start. We were the first Google Partner in North Dakota and are the only Premier Partner currently in the state. This status is given to only the top 3% of Google Partners in the United States. Some of the factors that determine the top 3% of performers included client growth, client retention, ad account performance, certifications, and ad spend.

How We Do Google Ads

Discovery Session

Discovery Session

With every new Google Ads client we onboard, we start with a Discovery Session. This kickoff meeting allows us to connect with your team, have you meet our team, and talk through your business until we understand it as well as we understand our own. We don’t like to cheat or skip this process. By learning more about your company and what makes you unique, we set ourselves up for the most success when it comes to strategy development. We also ensure that we are being great stewards of your advertising dollars.

Research, Strategy & Account Setup

Research, Strategy, & Account Setup

Once we have learned more about your business, we aim to identify how customers are searching for businesses like yours. We use a bevy of keyword research tools that help us identify anticipated search volume & auction costs to identify where we can be most effective. From there, we will set up your ad account (or work within your existing one) and get our campaigns built, in coordination with the strategy we’ve devised.

Copywriting & Creative Development

Copywriting & Creative Development

We employ a group of content strategists and creatives to help make sure that we’re writing ad copy that inspires qualified traffic to visit your website. If you’re running any Display or Video ads, we’ll also involve our designers and videographers to help develop your creative assets. We’ll send you mockups along the way so you have full confidence and control over the way your brand is being represented online.

Tracking Implementation

Tracking Implementation

Everything we do is contingent upon what can be tracked. We’ll set up Google Tag Manager (to track web events), Google Analytics (to identify events and web use), Google Ads events, call tracking, and more. Our goal is to help our eCommerce clients identify exactly what their return on ad spend is, and for our lead gen clients to know their cost-per-lead from Google Ads. If it can be tracked, it can be leveraged for scaling.

Reporting & Insights

Reporting & Insights

Not only will we provide you a LIVE dashboard that highlights the key data points related to your Google Ads campaigns - we’ll meet with you about it. Often. We believe that you hire us for a reason, and our Strategists are trained to provide meaningful insights and recommendations based on the data we’re seeing.

Proactive Improvements

Proactive Improvements

Google is a dangerous place to ignore. We’ve seen other agencies help clients get set up on Google, and then disappear into the abyss. For us, we believe the real growth happens after launch. Our team will be in your campaigns on a daily basis working to make improvements based on the numbers we’re seeing. Why? Because account growth relies upon meaningful optimizations.

Grow, Grow, Grow

Grow, Grow, Grow

We love scaling businesses. Our first ever client was spending $750 a month on Google, and now spends 6 figures a month on Google. Once you can get to a predictable return on investment, and there’s still added room for scale, the fun really starts to take shape. We’ll work with you on your scale plans and help your business continue to grow.

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Some of Our Clients

Google Ad Strategies for Clients

Google Search

Google Search

Text-based ads that show in the search engine results pages on Google & affiliated search partners.

Ecomm Ads

Google Shopping

Ads that link to products on your website and show up as product images on relevant Google searches.

Google Tag Manager

Remarketing & Display

Banner ads that are run to both new & returning customers across Google’s Display Network (websites, apps, etc.).

Video Ads


Video ads that are run on YouTube (and affiliated websites) and help generate more interest for your brand.

People Tend To Ask

It would be hard to give you a perfect answer to this. What we can say: Google Search & Shopping run on a PPC system. That means that you only pay for ads that are clicked. Those clicks, if done correctly, will be relevant, prospective customers waiting to purchase from you. Naturally, there can be a huge upside when it comes to the return on investment. As far as general cost-per-click numbers, every industry differs but we’re used to experiencing a range of $1 - $10 for most of our clients. We make sure to stay within your budget as we work on your campaign.

While other platforms may have certain benefits related to brand awareness and reach, let’s not get it twisted. With Google, your goal should be conversions. That means transactions on your eCommerce website or form fills and calls on your lead gen site. We optimize our campaigns to help drive even more conversions for your business.

In short: we’d guess, yes. Longer answer: we have the ability to research estimated search volume (based on past trends) for your products and services, and a variety of other relevant terms. It’s our job to identify the opportunity and potential for your business to be on Google. And it’s a job that we LOVE. Contact us to learn more!

Great question! SEO and SEM often get mixed up. SEO = making changes to your website and other listings to help impact your organic search ranking. SEM = paid search advertising that allows you to bid on keywords to rank near the top of the page. The two work almost entirely separate from each other. In fact, for newer businesses that are struggling to rank organically, we recommend Google Ads as a good option to mitigate that gap, and better your chances to show up at the top of the page for relevant search queries.

When we work with our clients, we take care of everything there. We’ll create your account, build your campaigns, set up your tracking, and make sure everything is firing correctly. We’ll also make sure to add you so you have access, too. Otherwise, if you already have a Google Ads account: you can simply share access with our team and we’ll happily work through the campaign modifications as needed. Don’t worry - we go through all of this in our discovery session.

In the United States, only about 30 times a month on average. “Jimi Hendrix Cover Band” gets searched for about 50 times a month on average. We know all of this based on our keyword research tools!

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