Streaming TV & Online Radio Ads

The TV & radio game has changed. But your need to raise awareness hasn’t. Cable & radio have been replaced by streaming networks and Spotify. If you’ve been looking to build your brand but reach audiences in a new medium, consider these digital alternatives.

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Introducing Connected TV & OTT

Connected TV + OTT (over-the-top) Advertising refers to ads that are purchased programmatically and run on digital streaming platforms such as Hulu, Roku, SlingTV, and more. The benefits of these platforms over traditional cable advertising are as follows:

Advanced Targeting

Advanced User Targeting

Target users based on geographic area, age, interests, and more. Ensure that your message is falling on the right eyes and ears.

Tracking Reporting

Tracking & Reporting

Develop a more strategic approach to video advertising by tracking impressions, reach, completion rate, and more.

Increased Views

Increased Viewership

Last year alone saw an increase of 115% in OTT streaming. The goal of advertising has always been to reach your market where they are.

Introducing Online Radio

Online (or Streamed) Radio refers to advertising that is run on Spotify, Pandora, and similar online music and podcast platforms. These ads are typically played before and after music & podcasts and are intended to help brands like yours boost awareness about their products or services. Advantages of this type of advertising over traditional radio include:

Find Audience

Finding Your Audience

Ability to reach specific demographics or listening behaviors and serve your ads to the most relevant audience members.


Affordable Placements

Low-cost CPMs (costs per thousand impressions) will help your dollar go further. Also, enjoy the benefit of no long-term contracts on your ads.

Easy Creation

Ease of Ad Creation

Get a voice actor to create your ads for FREE, with the help of a little scripting and some creative AdShark employees.

Our Streaming TV & Online Radio Process




Have a video or voice ad that you’re looking to run on streaming platforms? We’ll help develop your strategy & introduce you to our Creative team to get your ads all set to run.




We will provide you with packages and placements that are best equipped to build your brand’s awareness & target your preferred audience as we launch your campaigns.




Based on the results, our Strategists will work to test different ads (i.e., 15s vs. 30s), test different audiences, and make meaningful improvements to your campaign.

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Hulu Ads

There are over 100 million Hulu users, with ~62% of them being ad-eligible. Premium brands deserve a premium brand-building experience, and Hulu Ads can offer just that! Target interests, demographics, behaviors and purchase habits, and more with your video ads.

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Connected TV & OTT Ads

Last year, 92% of U.S. households were reachable by connected TV advertising. While Hulu offers a premium placement on their channel, you can also explore a wider range of CTV & OTT providers including Roku, Sling, Fubo, and more. Our team is happy to devise a CTV/OTT plan for you.

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Spotify & Pandora Ads

Over two-thirds of Americans listen to online radio on a monthly basis. With the growing influx of music and podcasts being streamed on Spotify and Pandora, online radio is an awareness-building hotspot. We’d be happy to discuss ways to make waves (and .wavs) for your company.

Ready to Grow?

Introduce your brand to a new audience and help your traditional advertising dollars go further through streamed radio and connected TV ads. We’ve helped several brands like yours transfer their traditional advertising package to new, online mediums.

Interested in getting started? We’ll develop a free streamed media strategy for you to consider rolling out.