Connected TV & OTT Advertising

The TV game has changed. But your need to raise awareness hasn’t.

Get Your Video Advertising Seen By Digital Streamers

With more individuals cutting cable, consider turning to the digital alternative to reach them. Connected TV & OTT Advertising refers to programmatic video placements that are served to viewers on Fubo, Roku, SlingTV, and more. Want to see if this video advertising is right for you?

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Why Connected TV & OTT Ads?

Connected TV & OTT Advertising refers to the process of serving ads on streaming networks. As streaming continues to grow, more and more Americans are utilizing their Connected TV devices. Here’s why you should consider advertising to these individuals:

Cut Cable

People continue to cut the cord on cable.

By the end of 2023, an estimated 95 million people will be cutting the cord on cable. With only 56% of Americans watching cable or satellite TV, more and more target audiences are switching to digital streaming services to get their TV fix.

Advanced Targeting 1

More targeted and data-driven than cable

OTT allows you to layer in advanced targeting based on interests, geos, gender and age, and more. You’re also able to pull reports that will tell you things like completion rate, clickthrough rate, impressions and reach.


Generally more cost-effective than cable

One of the beauties to connected TV & OTT is that there are typically far fewer financial barriers when it comes to getting ads launched. You can start advertising for $250 or less in many cases, and CPMS are in the range of $15-50 depending on platform.

How We Do Connected TV & OTT Ads

Building Your Strategy

Building Your Strategy

Strategy development is a core part of all of our Connected TV & OTT engagements. This means working with your team to understand your business, your products or services you’re looking to promote, and the competitive landscape in your industry. We also like to identify your budgets, goals, and target audience to help us build a personalized strategy that makes the most sense for your business.

Collaborating on Creative

Collaborating on Creative

Our team of creative strategists are happy to collaborate with you on your video creative for OTT/Connected TV advertising. If you have already produced a 15 second or 30 second video, we will help format it to get approved by the OTT placements. If you haven’t made a video yet, we can also help there! We employ a team of videographers, content strategists, and editors who would be delighted to work with you on creating a video that can be used for this advertising.

Account Setup & Launch

Account Setup & Launch

We’ll carry the torch here. Our team will work within the CTV & OTT platforms to get your ad campaign setup and launched. We’ll communicate with you throughout the process to make sure that you’re bought in on our strategy & targeting settings.

Reporting & Insights

Reporting & Insights

Reporting is a HUGE part of what we do at AdShark. We are data junkies and will make sure that we’re keeping a close eye on all of the key metrics - from impressions and reach to completion rate. Not only will we build you a report that you can use to assess the campaign’s success, but we’ll host routine insight meetings that allow us to communicate back and forth on the progress of our campaigns.

Proactive Improvements

Proactive Improvements

Our team is always looking for ways to improve. Based on the data that we are absorbing, we’ll provide recommendations on changes that can help increase your results on OTT & CTV platforms. This may involve small-scale budget tweaks or targeting changes, or larger-scale suggestions related to the creative that is running. Don’t look at AdShark to just be order-takers; we’re strategic advisors that are always looking for ways to bolster your results.

Proactive Improvements

Creative Discussion

Already have a video? Great! We’ll audit it to see how it will perform for YouTube. We have a team of video editors who can jump in and make edits to optimize it for the ad type OR we can shoot new video on your behalf. Our team is happy to collaborate with you on your video creative, and make sure that you are set up with the best chance for success on YouTube advertising.

Grow, Grow, Grow

Grow, Grow, Grow

We understand that Connected TV & OTT is brand new territory for most of the brands we work with. For that reason, we like to start small and scale up. Once our clients can see that the advertising is helping increase their brand awareness, we advise on ways to increase your scope and scale and continue to grow your business.

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People Tend To Ask

We like to make platform suggestions based on what we learn about your business - including your audience and your budget. We have access to premium placements such as Hulu & Disney Plus, but also can work to get you on more affordable placements that still have a large amount of use (Fubo, Roku, SlingTV, and more).

We typically recommend two different lengths of videos - 15 or 30 seconds. In fact, if you have the ability to cut both a 15-second and a 30-second video, it can be great to test out both. By A/B testing those different lengths, we can compare and contrast our reach & completion rate numbers to gauge how audiences are engaging with each.

The main metrics that we focus on are: impressions, reach, and completion rate. You may also be able to see clicks (depending on the platform and placement), but for the most part the OTT strategy is built around brand awareness. These three aforementioned metrics give us the best glimpse into how far your budget is taking you on Connected TV & OTT.

You bet! If you have specific budgets you’d like to devote to each location, we can even break up the campaigns and serve budgets to each unique geo. As a whole, we can do geo-targeting by importing zip code lists, targeting specific cities or states, or looking at DMAs.

OTT stands for “over-the-top.” It generally refers to content that is served over the internet. OTT advertising as a whole refers to the process of serving ads through digital programming such as online video, streaming channels, and more.

Ready to Grow?

We’d love to help guide you on your OTT & Connected TV journey! If you’ve considered moving your budget away from traditional cable and into the new world of online streaming, let’s chat.

Connect with our team today and receive a free personalized advertising strategy to see if OTT advertising is right for your business.