Email Marketing

Leverage your contacts to grow your sales.

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Email Marketing & SMS

Looking for a better way to increase the lifetime value of your customers, get more abandoned carts to convert, and drive increased business growth? You came to the right place. Our email marketing & SMS team will provide you with all the tools you need to nurture your funnel and drive more action from your email communications. Whether you’re new to the email marketing world, or a seasoned vet: we’re here to help.

Direct Response That Actually Gets Direct Response

If you’ve ever had cold feet about this form of direct response marketing: we’re here to change that. We offer email marketing packages that scale for businesses of every size - from growing eCommerce companies with hundreds of contacts, to established businesses with hundreds of thousands. Our unique blend of creative strategy & data-backed decision making is the perfect fit for your business.

Here’s why you should trust AdShark with your email & SMS marketing:

Klaviyo Partners

Klaviyo Partner

We are partners with Klaviyo, an emerging powerhouse in the email marketing space. Our knowledge of that platform (and its synergy with BigCommerce and Shopify) makes us a surefire fit for your needs.

Email Knowlege

Years of Email Marketing Knowledge

Our email strategy team has worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes – from small startups to large corporations. Our next challenge: helping YOU. Let’s talk.

Performance Based

Performance-Based Marketers

Pretty emails alone don’t drive sales. We’re well-versed to handle the nuance of email marketing, with a specialized focus on metrics that matter and strategies suited to boost your bottom line.

Our Email Marketing Process




In this phase, we’ll work to understand your business, your customers, and how our email strategy can help boost both.




We build our strategy - including our plans for audience segmentation, automation and flows, and more.



Launch & Assess

Once we launch our email efforts, we’ll build a custom tracking dashboard to assess the results and make improvements.

Our Email Marketing Services

Email Automation & Flows

Start working smarter - not harder. Once we understand your typical customer journey, we’ll build out automations and flows that help nurture your clients. We’ll also analyze the flows and make adjustments based on our results.

Promotional Emails

Drive both repeat and first-time purchases with promotional emails. If you’re not running weekly or monthly campaigns to drive new sales for your eCommerce store, how much revenue are you missing out on? Our team will ideate and pitch promotional ideas, and build the campaigns out to boost your online sales.

SMS Marketing

You have 1 unread message. That’s what your iPhone is about to tell you once you sign up for your own SMS marketing. Text message advertising is a growing field with a whole lot of potential – what does that potential look like for your customers?

Tracking & Reporting

Don’t just guess, know. We take the gray area out of email marketing by providing tracking and reporting to let you know exactly what your email marketing efforts are driving in the way of new revenue, and return on ad spend. If you’re frustrated and wondering what your email results are: come market with the Sharks instead.

Ready to Grow?

Growth starts with understanding your marketing mix. Understanding your marketing mix starts with tracking & measurement. Our team is chomping at the bit for a chance to work with you and help you get a better grasp on the metrics that matter most.

Connect with us for a free personalized proposal that outlines the hours and fees we will charge to assist with your next analytics project.