#SharkSwim: November & December 2023 Recap

As we settle into the new year, we can’t help but look back at the last two months with a sense of gratitude and pride. From birthdays and work anniversaries to new hires and festive events, November and December were filled to the brim with memorable moments at AdShark. As busy as the holiday season was, we felt blessed to experience it together, and we’re excited for all the wonderful things coming in 2024.

New Sharks in the Tank

We were thrilled to welcome two new members to our team in these last two months. Karina joined us on November 20th, followed by Kate on December 4th. Their energy and enthusiasm have already made a significant impact, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll achieve in 2024!

Birthdays & Anniversaries

We kicked off the celebrations in November with Bri Lee’s first anniversary at AdShark on November 1st. Here’s to many more years of great work, Bri! We’re so grateful for all you do!

On 11/29, we wished our resident comedienne, Aubrey Hovland, a very happy birthday. December doubled the joy with Kate Schaefer and Whitney Jensen sharing the same birthday on 12/21!

Sharkswim Celebrate

From left to right: Bri Lee, Whitney Jensen, Aubrey Hovland, and Kate Schaefer

Parade of Gingerbread Homes

We were honored to have the chance to support our friends at Friends of the Children and West Acres by producing ads for the Parade of Gingerbread Homes. This event featured interior designers and culinary artists teaming up to produce some incredible gingerbread houses, and every vote for a gingerbread house meant a donation to Friends of the Children. Through our sponsorship of FoTC, we produced ads and helped market the event. Take a look at some of the fun!

Sharkswim Parade Of Gingerbread

…And Trying to Make Our Own Gingerbread Homes

Our own gingerbread house competition was a delightful spectacle. Robb and Kylee’s ‘Business in the Front, Party in the Back’ house emerged as the winner in a heated contest filled with friendly banter, mountains of sprinkles, and wayyy too much frosting. Thanks to our guest judges for enduring our relentless trash-talking and picking a winner!

White Elephant Gift Exchange

AdShark’s White Elephant gift exchange was once again a huge hit. There was only one rule: you can’t spend a single penny on your gift. From cucumber cars to mustache paintings (and even a gallon of water), the gifts were as eccentric as they were entertaining.

As we settle into 2024, we’re excited about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. We’re grateful for the experiences we shared in November and December, and we’re ready to make the coming year even better. Here’s to a successful and rewarding 2024 at AdShark!

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