AdShark Marketing Welcomes Austen Wageman as Digital Marketing Intern

There’s another new member of the AdShark team! Austen Wageman has joined us as our newest Digital Marketing Intern. He’s originally from Bismarck, ND but has lived all over. Austen studied music business at the Berklee College of Music before attending Mstate in Moorhead, MN. We’re excited to see someone with so much enthusiasm and positive energy join the AdShark team.  We’ve asked Austen a few questions to get to know him better. Help us give him a warm welcome!


Tell us about your family.


“Well, my dad’s from North Dakota and my mom’s from Southern California and they somehow met. I was raised in Minnesota (SKOL Vikings) with my older brother, who’s now an airline pilot. My mom’s an author and my dad’s an education professor.”


Do you have a childhood nickname or memory you’d like to share?


“My family has called me Schnitzel since I was a kid. I’m sure if I became president one day, they would still call me Schnitzel.”😂

“Don’t ask where it came from because I have no clue.”


What’s your favorite book and/or movie?


“You can’t go wrong with How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. For movies, I’d say that’s a three-way tie between Napoleon Dynamite, End of Watch, and Creed.”


What’s the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?


“I make music mashups and mess around with music production. You can find some of my mashups by searching A.P. Wageman on Youtube.” (Shameless self-promo)


Do you have any hobbies?


“I travel, read, hang out with friends and family, and drink lots of tea.”


What’s a random fact about you?


“I lived in Spain for a handful of summers.”


What are three things still left on your bucket list?


“One of my goals is to meet Gary Vaynerchuk. Going to Australia and chilling with kangaroos sounds pretty rad as well.”


We have to ask, what’s your favorite type of shark?


“The Megalodon because it definitely still exists. They say 95% of the ocean hasn’t been explored yet, so it’s still chillin’ down there somewhere watching movies or something.”


Why are you excited to work with AdShark Marketing?


“I’m excited to be mentored by Rick, Sean, and the rest of the team in something I’m passionate and extremely fascinated in. I’ve always thought driving sales, engagement, and awareness for clients as full-time work would be cool, and here I am.”


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