AdShark Marketing Welcomes Emma Johnson As Digital Creative Intern

We are making more room in our tank as we welcome another shark. Emma Johnson is our new digital creative intern. She’s originally from Fargo, ND, and received her AAS in Graphic Design Technology from M | State Tech last year. A lover of the outdoors, and ambition to travel through Europe, Emma’s adventurous spirit will fit in perfectly with our team.  We’ve asked her a few questions to get to know her better.


Do You Have Any Hobbies?


“I enjoy fishing, kayaking, camping, and other various sorts of outdoor activities.”


What is the Nerdiest Thing You Do in Your Spare Time?


“I play quite a few games when I have nothing else to do.”


What’s Your Favorite Book and/or Movie?


“My favorite genre of movies is musicals and adventure, so anything like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Into the Woods, Chicago, or La La Land.”


What’s One Random Fact About You?


“I love horses a ton!”


What are Three Things Still Left on Your Bucket List?


“Own a horse, travel more parts of Europe (I’ve been to the British Isles), and go sailing!”


We Have to Ask, What’s Your Favorite Type of Shark?


“Blue Shark.”


Why are You Excited to Work with AdShark Marketing?


“I have always wanted to work at a marketing agency. When I saw AdShark online, I was impressed by their website and whole brand. Also, the people seem pretty awesome to work with too.”


We are so excited to have Emma join our team. Help us give her a warm welcome.

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