6 Egg-celent Ads for Easter (2024)

Soft pastels, fresh flowers and a magical bunny who leaves baskets full of goodies can only mean one thing: it’s springtime.

We’re hopping into Easter in this week’s blog with a list of our favorite seasonal ads:

#1 – Cadbury’s “Bunny Tryouts” (1994)

English chocolate brand Cadbury offered “bunny tryouts” in the 1994 ad for their popular creme egg. The ad features a menagerie of animals wearing bunny ears in the hope of becoming Cadbury’s next mascot. It’s a classic – and Cadbury has gone a step further to make the ad true-to-life. The brand has hosted “Easter bunny tryouts” for the past six years. Contestants have included a blind guinea pig, one-eyed cat and, this year, a miniature donkey.

#2 – Reese’s “Perfectly Easter” (2008)

Reese’s chose cheeky in their 2008 Easter advertisement when they suggested a chocolate bunny and a jar of peanut butter got together and, well, go it on à la Marvin Gaye. Thus, the best of Reese’s shapes, the egg, was born.

#3 – M&M’s “Mall Bunny” (2007)

M&M’s have many fun ads for the Easter season, but for this list we’re highlighting their 2017 ad, “Mall Bunny.” The ad features the red and yellow candy duo in a mall meltdown worthy of viral video status. The dopey yellow and snarky red M&M’s have been favorites of the brand’s marketing strategy for years. A good example of finding something that works and rolling with it!

#4 – Jellycat’s “Spot the Easter Eggs” (2024)

Jellycat’s 2024 Easter advertisement places their cuddly characters in a world of whimsy. The ad asks viewers to spot the hidden “Easter eggs” throughout the video, in the form of their literal stuffed eggs. What’s great about this Easter advertisement is it doesn’t focus on the traditional Easter bunnies – from sheep to rain clouds, bees to bunnified-bears, many of Jellycat’s products are spotlighted in the springtime ad.

#5 – IKEA’s “VÅRKÄNSLA” (2019)


Ikea Bunny Ikea

A chocolate Easter bunny, with some assembly required. Swedish DIY giant IKEA released a flatpack, self-assembly chocolate rabbit in 2019, titled VÅRKÄNSLA, in time for the Easter season. The treat makes an excellent addition to your basket or on your NORDVIKEN tablescape.

#6 – Milka’s “Let’s Make Easter More Tender” (2011)

Swiss chocolate brand Milka took their focus on tenderness to the Easter season in the 2021 ad “Let’s Make Easter More Tender.” Grab the tissues, because this one is a tearjerker.

The ad features two siblings updating the traditional Easter egg hunt with string so their blind friend and neighbor can participate, too. The ad places Milka chocolate and their tagline at the forefront of a touching message.

Looking for more ad inspiration? Our digital advertising team would love to talk to you about social content ideas for your brand. Reach out to AdShark to discuss all things digital strategy. In the meantime, have a wonderful Easter weekend & thank you for reading this week’s blog!

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