Getting Started with Mobile App Promotion

Growth of your mobile app isn’t only influenced by having a great product, but also by marketing and growing your user base.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the basics of Mobile App Promotion on common platforms available today.

Why is Mobile App Marketing important?

You’ve invested significant resources into developing a mobile application. Just like a website, once you build it, you need to spread the word and grow your users and engagement.

Mobile app promotion/advertising allows you to harness search and social channels on mobile targeting devices that many advertisers ignore and exclude. More and more customers are using these channels on mobile, allowing you to market your product more effectively than ever before.

Let’s dive into Facebook, Twitter, and Google Adwords for app promotion.

Facebook App Ads

Facebook’s advertising platform allows you to serve ads for your application on mobile devices, which take users directly to the Google Play or Apple stores.

There are two main types of Facebook Ads, App Installs and App Engagement Ads.

App Install Ads allow you to serve ads to users who have not already downloaded your application. App Engagement Ads give you the ability to re-engage with current users, keeping you top of mind and allowing you to add extra value.

The great thing about this platform is being able to harness the power of user data and targeting for your marketing campaigns. Targeting options include age, location, interests, education level, career, and a number of other powerful demographic targeting options you can layer together.

Twitter App Install Ads

Twitter mobile app advertising also allows you to serve ads on its mobile platform. Like Facebook, you have the option to run both app install ads and app engagement ads.

You can target by keywords, interest and followers, tailored audiences (website visitors or based on a list of emails or twitter user ID’s), even the user’s Television (shows) he/she watches.

Always be sure to set up your conversion tracking to measure installs, sign-ups, or other actions!

Search App Promotion Ads

Google Adwords now gives advertisers the ability to target keywords and serve mobile app search ads that point straight to the appropriate app store. If the user already has the app installed, the ad will actually open the application on the user’s device.

The search channel for mobile application marketing has a lot of potential. On mobile, an app promotion ad takes up about 20% of the above-the-fold real estate.

One thing unique to app promotion search ads is that Adwords features the application’s logo in the search results, helping the ad stand out. Furthermore, the ad includes a button with “Free,” or the applicable price.

Here’s an example of an app called Eat24 targeting the search query “san francisco food delivery.”

Making an incredible app is only the first step to gaining users. Outlined above are the common platforms for marketing your app. The only question is, what platform is going to work best for your app?

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