6 Things to Include in a High-Converting Landing Page

In 2013, our agency began selling digital ads, and quickly realized that ads alone would not be enough. The web page that you send ads to is vitally important to nurturing a client and getting them to do the one thing we all want: convert.

A landing page, or the first page on your website that you get sent to after clicking an ad, can have a tremendous impact on your overall marketing success. Why? Because solid landing pages can provide you:

  • Higher conversion rates
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Increased average session duration
  • Lower cost-per-click, and…

So we’ll use this blog to talk about 6 things that you should be sure you have on your landing page design. Let’s dive in.

#1 – A Strong Selling Statement

Some people call it a USP, others call it a headline. Whatever you want to call it: the first (h1) tag on your landing page should be a strong sales statement that captures attention and prompts someone to keep scrolling your page.

Note: for landing pages that are being used for digital advertising efforts, it’s less important for this h1/header to be stuffed with keywords. You’re likely not as concerned about a landing page’s search ranking, or at least not as concerned as you are/should be with its ability to convert traffic that’s already landed on it.

selling statement on landing page example

#2 – A Place to Convert

And ideally, above the fold. Right when somebody lands on your page, it should be clear what your desired action is: and don’t give too many desired actions. If you’re a lead gen company, allow somebody to fill out a lead form. If you’re an eCommerce company, make it easy for someone to add to cart.

To improve your digital marketing performance further, we would recommend tracking this conversion so you can start to gauge your conversion rate (total conversions / total sessions) and more accurately assess your marketing.

a place to convert landing page

While the top part of your landing page should have provided some context and education on who your company is and what you do, as they keep scrolling your page, they’ll wish to learn more. This is a great time to deliver quick blurbs about your most prioritized products or services.

The goal with this section is to provide additional context on the breadth of offerings within your company so they can be even more convinced that you can provide what they’re looking for.

explanation of products or services adshark

#4 – Benefits of Using Your Company

Consumers have a wealth of options to choose from when determining who they do business with. What separates you from the pack? Utilize your landing page to call out the 3-5 benefits that somebody will experience in choosing your company.

You should think critically about what your existing customers care most about, and how you differentiate from your competitors. Bonus points if you tie in some nice icons and bolded text to make your benefits stand out even more.

benefits of using your company adshark

#5 – Social Proof in the Form of Reviews or Case Studies

And if you’re really wanting people to be convinced – include both! Case studies are great ways for you to highlight some of your main successes, while reviews allow page visitors to hear directly from your customers.

In today’s age of marketing, social proof has never mattered more. Being able to see and hear from people who have used your products/services and had a great experience can be the extra push somebody needs to convert.

social proof on landing page

testimonial example for landing page

#6 – An Explanation of What Comes Next

To take care of any lingering concerns, you should make your soon-to-be-converted-customer feel confident that they know what comes next in the sales process. Adding in a section that discusses the steps your team takes with a new order or customer can leave them feeling extra confident that all will be okay once they submit that form or order.

explanation of what comes next

All of these examples shown in this blog came from AdShark’s advertising landing page: adshark.com/get-started. We began using this page earlier this year as a way to minimize our bounce rate, elongate our average session duration, and increase the conversion rate from our advertising efforts.

If you’re looking for more tips on how to use digital marketing principles to grow your sales, continue to follow this blog! OR consider hitting us up to talk about digital strategy. Thanks for reading!

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