Welcome Brier Gurholt – AdShark’s Newest Strategist!

When we met Brier during her first interview, we knew right away that we had to have her in an AdShark jersey! Sure enough, she got to wear an AdShark jersey at Corporate Cup during her first week as a Shark! Now, Brier is settling into week 2 and is already being assigned accounts, meeting with new team members, and warming her office with her infectious sense of humor.

Want to learn more about AdShark’s newest star? Check out the interview below!

Q: We’re so happy to have you here, Brier! As you wrap up your first week as a Shark, what has been the biggest surprise for you so far?

A: I was surprised by how at-ease I felt here right off the bat. I instantly felt a part of the group, and everyone is so welcoming and fun! But judging by my interview, that wasn’t quite a surprise 😉

Q: You have one sentence to describe yourself… GO!

A: I am an outgoing and bubbly person who tries not to take anything too seriously and I love finding humor in the little things.

Q: Cool! Now let’s see what you can tell us with a few more sentences. Tell us a little bit more about you.

A: I grew up in Bismarck, ND and was a big theater/choir kid. I tried just about every sport where I was younger, and tennis was the only thing I really enjoyed. In school, English was my favorite subject, and I’ve always loved expressing myself through writing. I went to NDSU and majored in  marketing, and it opened up a new realm of writing and strategizing which I instantly  felt a strong passion for.  I love the world of content marketing, and crafting blog posts that drive value. In my free time, you can find me at coffee shops, going on walks, taking trips (preferably to warmer climates), and spending time with my friends.

brier gurholt adshark - as a child

Q: You are a recent graduate of NDSU, and hail from the distant land of Bismarck. What prompted you to come to Fargo for school, and what has you excited to start your career in Fargo?!

A: My parents are NDSU alumni, so I have always wanted to be a bison by default.  I also  love the cozy feel of North Dakota, but wanted something with a little more hustle and bustle than Bismarck. Turns out, Fargo is the perfect place for that! Fargo has  lots of potential for growth opportunities, and I love the tight knit community here as well!

brier gurholt ndsu graduation

Q: As a Digital Strategist, you’ll be building relationships with clients, strategizing new campaigns for them, and helping to grow their business. What excites you the most about your new role?

A: Don’t get me wrong, Google and Meta Ads excite me, but I am most excited about getting to know my clients, and forming a lasting relationship with them. I love collaboration and expanding my knowledge on different industries whenever possible.

Q: You have an infinite budget set out for your next trip. Money is not an object, and you can go anywhere in the world. Where do you choose to go and why?!

A: I would go to Greece! Ever since seeing Mama Mia as a kid, I knew I needed to visit those crystal blue waters at some point in my life.

Q: You can only watch 3 movies and 3 TV shows for the rest o f your life. Which do you choose?!

A: TV Shows: The Office, Modern Family, I Think You Should Leave. Movies: Whiplash, Mama Mia, Grown Ups.

Q: Finish this sentence: When I was a little kit, I wanted to be a _________ when I grew up.

A: I had a 50/50 split between “actress” and “biologist.”

Q: Let’s say that we stole your phone and opened your TikTok app. What would your For You Page consist of?

A: Anything from cute pets, to fun recipes, to comedy skits.

Q: Favorite candy and least favorite candy – GO!

A: Favorite candy: Reese’s. Least favorite candy: black licorice. But weirdly enough, I LOVE black licorice ice cream! I know, it doesn’t make any sense.

Q: And, of course, what’s your favorite type of shark?

A: Great White! Sharks have always been my favorite animal; my best friend ‘bought’ me a shark for my birthday a few years ago, which I can track on an app through my phone! Her name is Mia and she’s a hammerhead, so I guess hammerheads are pretty cool too!

hammerhead shark map

I think you can see why we’re so pumped about adding Brier to the team! If you’d like to welcome her to Team AdShark, feel free to drop her line at brier@adshark.com. Otherwise, you may just be assigned Brier as your Digital Strategist before you know it! Thanks for reading our blog, and please continue to follow this page for more great marketing content & company updates!

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