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Welcome Brier Gurholt – AdShark’s Newest Strategist!

When we met Brier during her first interview, we knew right away that we had to have her in an AdShark jersey! Sure enough, she got to wear an AdShark jersey at Corporate Cup during her first week as a Shark! Now, Brier is settling into week 2 and is already being assigned accounts, meeting…
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Brett Nephew Header

Welcome Brett Nephew – AdShark’s New Digital Creative!

As the digital marketing industry continues to shift towards short-form video, we were beyond excited to come across Brett Nephew – a self-trained director and editor who is going to do big things at AdShark! Brett joined the team on April 1st, and is now a whopping 17 days into his new career at AdShark.…
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Feb 2024 Header

5 Quick Ways to Make Your Short-Form Video More Dynamic

With the rise of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, it’s clear which way the industry is trending: shorter.  Short-form video is king in 2024, and part of the reason is because our attention spans are shorter than ever before too. Humans have a growing need to be stimulated at every corner, so you have…
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Adsharkblog Hashtags Nov 2023 Header

Are Hashtags Still Beneficial to Use on Social Media in 2024?

My fellow social media managers likely remember the days of #putting #hashtags #in #every #bit #of #contentmarketing when they first started posting. Nowadays, brands and individuals alike seem to be utilizing hashtags far less frequently on popular platforms like Instagram, Twitter (X), and Facebook. Which begs the question: Are hashtags still beneficial to use on…
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Sharkswim Jan2024 Sharkswim Header

#SharkSwim: January 2024 Recap

We’re officially through the first month of 2024, and WOOH – we need a second to chill. The start of the year is always a busy time in the advertising world: new budgets, new products and services to market, and new clients who have joined the AdShark team! We’re grateful for it all. To maintain…
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Adsharkblog Fb Ad Case Study Nov 2023 Header

Making a Facebook Ad With a 10% CTR (An AdShark Case Study)

Linus Pauling once said, “the best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.” Yeah, I guess. But as advertisers, we’d rather have a lot of good ideas. And that begins with analyzing what worked and what didn’t work whenever you run a campaign. As a digital marketing agency, we…
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Welcome Karina – AdShark’s Email & Content Strategist

For years and years, we’ve discussed how we should add “email marketing” to our list of services. And then one day, we met the perfect person to help guide us in this direction! Now, we’re excited to be writing a blog introducing her to our captive audience. In order to properly introduce you to our…
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Nov 2023 Header

A Beginner’s Guide to Holiday Advertising on Social Media

As the holiday season approaches, so does the opportunity for your business to tap into social media advertising to grow your sales! If you’re a beginner navigating the digital marketing landscape, this guide is tailored to help you strategically promote your brand during the festive season. Let’s dive in! Understanding the Social Media Landscape in…
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october shark swim

#SharkSwim: October 2023 Recap

The spookiest part of our October? How quickly it disappeared. We’ve been onboarding new clients, making new creative, and helping new employees get adjusted to the AdShark way. All the while, we carved out some time to hang out with our team. Hear all about this past month at AdShark in this week’s Shark Swim.…
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Welcome Paige Johnson – Digital Marketing Strategist!

It’s been almost six months since our last time writing one of these blogs, so we are BEYOND thrilled to be writing this today. AdShark has hired our newest team member & (though it’s only been four days so far) she is already proving to be a total rock star! Not only has she impressed…
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