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#SharkSwim: August 2023 Recap

Summer may be coming to a screeching halt, but the fun keeps going here at AdShark. We had a big month of anniversaries, company events, volunteering, celebrations, and so much more! Let’s dive in! Anniversaries! This month, we celebrated TWO anniversaries on the AdShark team. First, we celebrated Digital Marketing Strategist II Gavin Longthorne‘s second…
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#SharkSwim: July 2023 Recap

Hold on to your fins, it’s time for another AdShark monthly recap! Welcome back to another #SharkSwim monthly recap, where we go over this past month’s birthdays, anniversaries, company milestones, achievements, company events, and more. Birthdays + Anniversaries! This month, we had two anniversaries and one birthday to celebrate! To kick things off, we celebrate…
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#SharkSwim: June 2023 Recap

Whew… all this hot weather makes me want to go swimming… Better yet, let’s cool off by diving into another #SharkSwim monthly recap for June 2023! I hope you brought some sunscreen because June was a hot month at AdShark! Birthdays & Anniversaries! This June, we celebrated not one, but TWO birthday boys! Starting things…
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#SharkSwim: April 2023 Recap

Are you ready to sink your teeth into some more news about the AdShark team (and some classic shark puns)? Welcome back to another #SharkSwim monthly recap, where we look back at last month’s celebrations, company events, and more! Birthdays & Anniversaries! One thing is for sure, it was a great month if you’re a…
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#SharkSwim: March 2023 Recap

Welcome back to another #SharkSwim monthly recap for March 2023! I’d love to make some puns about Spring, budding flowers, and green grass, but I’m currently writing this in April during the biggest blizzard of the year. No matter the weather, stick around to see why the grass is always greener over here at AdShark!…
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#SharkSwim: February 2023 Recap

Do you know a ghost’s favorite month? Feb-BOO-ary! Well, February was also a pretty good month for the AdShark team, as well. From culture events to awards, we had quite a busy month and we’re going to tell you all about it. Welcome back to another #SharkSwim monthly recap – let’s talk about us! Sharkiversaries!…
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#SharkSwim: January 2023 Recap

Hello, It’s me again! I hope you haven’t given up on your New Year’s resolutions yet. Mine was to use fewer puns in these blog posts, but there’s no-fin better than a good shark joke! Without further ado, here’s the #SharkSwim recap for January 2023, where we go over last month’s celebrations, company events, and…
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#SharkSwim: December 2022 Recap

Were you hoping for some more shark puns? That’s so last year! That’s right – my use of shark puns in blogs is DONE… duuuun-un… duuuuun-un… duuuuun-un…. Okay, I can’t help myself, the shark puns are here to stay!  Welcome back to another #SharkSwim monthly recap, where we go over last month’s birthdays, achievements, company…
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#SharkSwim: November 2022 Recap

My fingers finally thawed enough for me to write this… Welcome back to another #SharkSwim recap! Let’s hear about this month’s birthdays, new employees, company events, and more! Birthdays! We only had one birthday this November, so we got to pack all of our celebrations into one day for Digital Marketing Strategist, Aubrey Hovland! Aubrey…
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#SharkSwim: October 2022 Recap

Sweaters, leaves falling, pumpkin carving, digital marketing… Gosh, I love Fall things! Welcome back to another #SharkSwim monthly recap! We think you autumn know all about our work anniversaries, company events, and so much more! Shark-iversaries! This month, we have TWO big work anniversaries to celebrate. Early on in the month, we celebrated Manager of…
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